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We provide many kinds of feed additives including choline chloride, betaine, yeast power, allicin, etc. A series of vitamins, feed protein and dietary minerals are also offered. As feed additives, these products are sources of almost all the nutrition, which is vital for the growth and health of animals. Only a small quantity of feed additive benefits a lot. As time goes by, feed additive plays a more and more important role in the animal husbandry. Our products enhance the feed, thus prevent and cure diseases, promote animals' growth and health, and increase the quality of animal product in a cost effective way.

Professional technology and advanced equipment are the basis of our production process. Process is designed to be environment friendly and to avoid any hazard substance like dioxin. Raw materials, such as epoxy ethane, trimethylamine, hydrochloric acid, have to go through the strict test. The hydrochloric acid we use is food grade, and of high purity. To test dioxin, our company established close relationship with SGS, and our carrier and end products are tested by them every month.

According to Euramerican PQA management mode of operation, the implementation of strict quality control procedures is ensured. Besides, the plant carrier is produced by ourselves. Our lab is made according to the CNAS standard, so advanced equipments and strict procedures are ensured. Approved by department of nation, we have the qualification and strength for a third party testing. Full-time quality control departments are utilized at each of our plants. Temperature, relative humidity control and other parameters were identified and controlled during the process. Perfect production system and complete quality monitor and control system are provided, thus ensures best quality.

The material of package is in line with rules of SN/T0268-93. Suppliers must offer their test certifications. Inner bags are in line with international food safety regulations, no other materials are used except PE, PET and PP. The bags are clean and tidy with clear printing words. They also could bear big enough weight and force which are required according to the standard. Besides, the package could prevent biting from worms and mice.

We have been in the field for many a year. Quality, quantity and the whole professional solution are appreciated by customs. OEM is available. Offering you lower operating costs, improved reliability, better environmental compliance and increased process efficiency, we are your choice.

We at TianYu strive to manufacture our products in an environmentally friendly fashion. Therefore, all our feed additive and veterinary medicines are manufactured in a fully enclosed environment. According to the ISO9001:2000 quality management system, we use advanced equipment in the manufacturing of our products. We also utilize a complete process control system to ensure accurate control of each key process, thus achieving the excellent quality of our choline chloride, betaine, and other fine products. Our quality assurance department utilizes specialized personnel who inspect each production step, from raw material acquisition to end product delivery. All of these measures ensure high product quality, and allow our valued customers to feel secure in using our products. We believe that our product quality speaks for itself, and it has allowed us to expand our feed additive and veterinary medicine products to the global market.

In producing our feed-grade yeast powder and allicin as well as other products, we acquire raw materials in bulk from carefully selected local suppliers, which enables us to purchase our supplies at reduced cost. In addition, our choline chloride on vegetable carrier is manufactured in house, which also lowers our overall production cost. Furthermore, we are conveniently located only 80km from Tianjin Port, and we are also not far from Beijing, which allows us to offer customers reduced shipping costs. All of these measures contribute to the economical prices of our choline chloride, yeast powder, other types of feed additives, veterinary medicine, chemical raw materials, and other products.

Our high quality and competitive prices have resulted in our choline chloride, allicin, vitamins, and other chemical products being highly sought after and have enabled us to expand our market from China to countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and South America.