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Process Flowsheet of Choline Chloride
The raw material we use must be in line with the feed grade. Choline chloride agent should be colorless transparent viscous fluid, with rarely odor.

Specification of the Raw Material of Choline Chloride
Item Content
Water aqua
70% 75%
Choline chloride 70.0 75.0
pH 6.0~8.0 6.0~8.0
Heavy metal ≦ 0.002 ≦ 0.002
Ash ≦ 0.20 ≦ 0.20

Professional technology and advanced equipment are the basis of our production process. Process is designed to be environment friendly and to avoid any hazard substance like dioxin. Raw materials, such as epoxy ethane, trimethylamine, hydrochloric acid, have to go through the strict tests. The hydrochloric acid we use is food grade, and of high purity. To test dioxin, our company established close relationship with SGS, and our carrier and end products are tested by them every month.

According to euramerican PQA management mode of operation, the implementation of strict quality control procedures is ensured. Besides, the plant carrier is produced by ourselves. Our lab is made according to the CNAS standard, so advanced equipments and strict procedures are ensured. Approved by department of nation, we have the qualification and strength for a third party testing. Full-time quality control departments are utilized at each of our plants. Temperature, relative humidity control and other parameters were identified and controlled during the process. Perfect production system and complete quality monitor and control system are provided, thus ensures best quality.

The material of package is in line with rules of SN/T0268-93. Suppliers must offer their test certifications. Inner bags are in line with international food safety regulations, no other materials are used except PE, PET and PP. The bags are clean and tidy with clear printing words. They also could bear big enough weight and force which are required according to the standard. Besides, the package could prevent biting from worms and mice.

1. Hydrochloric acid     2. Trimethylamine     3. Oxirane     4. Liquid choline chloride     5.Choline chloride 50%, 60% silica carrier     6. Choline chloride 50%, 60%, and 70% corn carrier     7. End product     8. Packing     9. Process flowsheet

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