Sodium Sulfate

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Sodium Sulfate

Chemical name: sodium sulfate
CAS number: 7757-82-6
Other names: thenardite (mineral), glauber's salt (decahydrate), sal mirabilis (decahydrate), mirabilite (decahydrate); Sodium sulfate anhydrous; sodium sulfate standard solution; Sulfate ion chromatography standard solution Fluka; Sodium sulfate solution; Sulfate; Sodium Sulphate Anhydrous; sodium sulfate,anhydrous; Sodium Sulfate Anhydrate; ; Kjeldahl Catalyst Tablets Sodium Sulfate; Detergent Salt Cake; Natrii Sulfas; Salt Cake; Sulfate Standard Solution; disodium sulfate; Anhydrous sodium sulphate; Sodium Sulphate; Anhydrous sodium sulfate
Molecular formula: Na2SO4
Molar mass: 142.04 g/mol (anhydrous), 322.20 g/mol (decahydrate)
Appearance: white crystalline solid
Odor: odorless
Density: 2.664 g/cm3 (anhydrous), 1.464 g/cm3 (decahydrate)
Melting point: 884 °C (anhydrous), 32.38 °C (decahydrate)
Boiling point: 1429 °C (anhydrous)
Solubility: soluble in water, glycerol and hydrogen iodide, insoluble in ethanol

Sodium sulfate can be used as laxative, antidote for barium and additives for feed and drinks. Our feed grade sodium sulfate is made by many complex processes and has high performance. It is hygroscopic. Its feed grade product embellish can relax bowel, stimulate appetite and promote growth. The sulfur elements offered by sodium sulfate is easy for animals to absorb, in fact, the absorption rate and biology titer of sodium sulfate, are significantly higher than other sulfates.

Add our sodium sulfate in the feed of pig and poultry, the biosynthesis of proteins in liver, RNA, taurine will be promoted. Sodium sulfate could stimulate metabolism, improve the production and quality of animal products. Add it in the feed of ruminant animal, the amount of infusorian will be accelerated in the rumen. It could promote the oxidation reduction process of protein and fat. Besides, it has detoxification function.

Sodium sulfate is a very cheap material. So it is also important in many other fields, including manufacture of textiles, as filler in powdered home laundry detergents and so on. The glass industry provides another significant application. Sodium sulfate is used as a fining agent, to help remove small air bubbles from molten glass. It fluxes the glass, and prevents scum formation of the glass melt during refining. In the laboratory, anhydrous sodium sulfate is widely used as an inert drying agent, for removing traces of water from organic solutions. It is more efficient, but slower-acting, than the similar agent magnesium sulfate. It is only effective below about 30 °C, but it can be used with a variety of materials since it is chemically fairly inert. Sodium sulfate has been found effective in dissolving very finely electroplated micrometre gold that is found in gold electroplated hardware on electronic products such as pins, and other connectors and switches. It is safer and cheaper than other reagents used for gold recovery, with little concern for adverse reactions or health effects. Other uses for sodium sulfate include de-frosting windows, in carpet fresheners, starch manufacture.

Located in Cangzhou of China, our company is near Tianjin Port, thus ensures convenient transportation. What is more, the raw materials we needed is very near, thus saves quite a lot of cost. So we could provide best products with a preferable price. Together with best service, our company is very competitive in the market.

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Anhydrous Sodium Sulfate | Sal Mirabile | Glauber Salt | Natrium Sulfuricum

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