Magnesium Oxide

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Magnesium Oxide

IUPAC name: magnesium oxide
CAS number: 1309-48-4
Other names: magnesia, periclase; magnesium oxide light; magnesiumoxideheavy; magnesiumoxidemeshwhitepowder; magnesiumoxidefusedcrystalswhitextl; magnesium oxide 96.0+ % for analysis; akro-mag; animag; anscorp; burnt magnesia; calcined brucite; calcined magnesite; calcinedbrucite; calcinedmagnesite; ci77711; corox; dynamag; dynatherm; elastomag 100; elastomag100; elastomag170; electromagnesia; electromagnesia (magnesium oxide); encapsulated mgo; flamarret; fused magnesium oxide; magnesium oxygen(-2) anion
Molecular formula: MgO
Molar mass: 40.3044 g/mol
Appearance: white powder
Odor: odorless
Density: 3.58 g/cm³
Melting point: 2852 °C, 3125 K, 5166 °F
Boiling point: 3600 °C, 3873 K, 6512 °F
Solubility in water: 0.0086 g/100 mL (30 °C)
Solubility: soluble in acid and ammonia, insoluble in alcohol

Magnesium oxide is very widely used in many fields. There are nearly ten kinds of various products like advanced lubricant, foodstuff, medicine, etc. Our magnesium oxide is often used as feed additive. It could enhance the health of animals, promote production of eggs and milk. It could also prevent and cure some diseases like hyperspasmia and magnesium efficiency. Besides, it is very good for the health of stomach.

Food grade magnesium oxide can be used as food additives, colour stabilizer, and source of magnesium. In medicine, magnesium oxide is used for relief of heartburn and sore stomach, as an antacid, magnesium supplement, and as a short-term laxative. It is also used to improve symptoms of indigestion. As a construction material, magnesium oxide wallboards have several attractive characteristics: fire resistance, moisture resistance, mold and mildew resistance, and strength. Magnesium oxide is used as an insulator in industrial cables, as a basic refractory material for crucibles and as a principal fireproofing ingredient in construction materials. It is also one of the raw materials for making cement in dry process plants. Production of MgO-based cement using serpentinite and waste CO₂may reduce anthropogenic emissions of CO₂. Besides, it is also used as a protective coating in plasma displays.

Related Names
Elastomag | Marmag | Magnesia | MgO

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