Manganese Oxide

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Manganese Oxide

IUPAC name: manganese(II) oxide
Other names: Manganous oxide, Manganosite, Manganese monoxide; C.I. 77726; Manganese(II) oxide; Manganeseoxide; Manganese Monooxide (MNO); oxomanganese; manganous oxygen(-2) anion
CAS number: 1344-43-0
Molecular formula: MnO
Molar mass: 70.9374 g/mol
Appearance: green crystals or powder
Density: 5.37 g/cm3 (23 °C)
Melting point: 1945 °C
Solubility: insoluble in water, soluble in acid

Together with manganese sulfate, MnO is a component of fertilizer and feed additives. Many thousands of tons are consumed annually for this purpose. The manganese offered by manganese oxide is able to promote growth of bone, maintain normal sugar metabolism and fat metabolism, improve hematopoiesis function and so on. When, add manganese oxide in the animal feed, diseases resulted from manganese deficiency can be prevented and treated. These diseases include bone dysplasia, osteoporosis, reproductive dysfunction. It can also improve the laying rate and the quality of eggs.

The element is needed for plant growth and in the physical development of higher animals. Manganese is involved in reducing the levels of nitrates in green plants. Lack of manganese causes testicular atrophy in animals. However, too much in either plants or animals is toxic.

Manganese Oxide is derived from manganese, a brittle metal element. It is widely distributed in the earth's crust, and is essential in steel-making. Manganese oxide can be used for production of iron oxide, manufacturing desiccant for paint and varnish. It could be catalyst in the process of making pentanol. For medicine, it is used in smelting, welding, glass shading, etc.

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