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DCP Chemical

Ingredient: dibasic calcium phosphate dihydrate
Molecular formula: CaHPO4 • 2H20
Appearance: white crystal
Phosphorus: no lower than 18.0%
citrate soluble phosphate: no lower than 14.0%
Calcium: 21.0-24.0%
Moisture: no more than 4.0%
Fluoride: no more than0.18%
Arsenic: no more than 0.003%
Heavy metal (measured by Pb): no more than 0.003%
PH: no more than 3.0
Fineness(go through 500um mesh sieve) ≥98.0%

Phosphorus and calcium are the very important minerals, and dibasic calcium phosphate is a good source of both. Dibasic calcium phosphate contains two molecules of water of hydration. It contains not less than 98.0percent and not more than 105.0percent of dibasic calcium phosphate dihydrate. It is odorless.

Our feed grade DCP chemical is widely used as feed additive for poultry, fish and livestock. Added in feed, it is easy to be digested and absorbed. Minerals boost immune system, support normal growth and development, and help cells and organs do their jobs. Calcium and phosphorus are vital in the building of the body, especially bones and teeth. Our DCP chemical offers the two. It makes feed easier to be digest, thus the weight, meat, milk and eggs increase. It could prevent and cure diseases resulted from deficiency of calcium and phosphorus, such as rickets, osteoporosis and parturient paresis.

Perfect production system and complete quality monitor and control system are provided, thus ensures high purity and best performance of the product. DCP chemical is packed with double-layer bag of plastic woven bag and PE bag, which could keep away from water and light, 25kg in a bag.

Related Names
Calcium Hydrophosphate | Calcium Monophosphate | Secondary Calcium Phosphate | CaHPO4

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