Corn Germ Meal

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Corn Germ Meal

Corn Germ Meal is a by-product from the extraction of oil. It is obtained through two different processes that are dry degermination and wet degermination. It contains typically 18-20% crude protein and 1-2% fat and 11%-12% crude fiber. It's a reliable source of energy and protein for animals' growth.

Cereal grains mainly comprises of three parts, namely the bran, the germ, and the endosperm. The reproductive part that germinates to grow into a plant is known as the germ. It is also known as the embryo of the seed. Our germ meal contains a variety of nutrition, much protein and a balanced profile of amino acid. It can be an effective ingredient for cattle, pigs, fish and other animals. It tastes good, and could increase the rate of lean.

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Forage Additive | Fodder Additive Agent | Feed Supplement | Feedstuff Addition Reagent

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