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Meat Bone Meal

Meat bone meal is a product of a contemporary process involving processing industrial bones and soft inedible side products of slaughtered swine and poultry. It belongs to the group of additional protein rations since it is best when combined with other protein rations, such as soybean, soy semolina, fish flour, etc. It also contains significant quantity of minerals.

Specification of Meat Bone Meal
Moisture 9.00% max
Crude protein 50% to 55%
Fat 8%-12%
Ash 29% max
Mineral substances 12% min
Amino acid 47% min
Methionine 0.6%~0.8% min
Lysine 1.5%~2.6% min
Digestibility of proteins 75% min
Digestibility of amino acid 72% min

The raw material we used is fresh and healthy. And our meat and bone meal is of high quality and widely used. As one of the most important source of protein, it offers rich dietary minerals like calcium and phosphorus, and various vitamins like vitamin A vitamin D and vitamin B family. Meat bone meal is primarily used in the formulation of animal feed to improve the amino acid profile of the feed. Feeding of meat bone meal to cattle is thought to have been responsible for the spread of mad cow disease. In addition, meat bone meal is also used as ingredients in pet food and a fossil-fuel replacement for renewable energy generation. It has around two thirds the energy value of fossil fuels such as coal; the UK in particular widely uses meat and bone meal for the generation of renewable electricity. It is increasingly used in cement kilns as an environmentally sustainable replacement for coal.

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