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Spray Corn Protein

Spray corn protein is widely used in production of various feed for its two advantages. The first one is that it could reduce the cost. The other is that it has a higher content of protein and energy, but a lower price than corn. Besides, with nice color, it tastes delicious and is easy to be absorbed.

Analysis of Spray Corn Protein
Table 1
Dry matter 89 %
Crude Protein 17.2 %
Fat 7.5 %
Crude fiber 7.3 %
Crude ash 5.4 %
Calcium 0.15 %
Phosphorus 0.7%
Table 2
Sodium potassium magnesian zinc chloride sulfur iron copper manganese cobalt iodine
12 % 1.3% 0.3% 0.2% 0. 2 % 282mg/kg 10.7mg/kg 77.1mg/kg 59.2mg/kg 0.205mg/kg 0.066mg/kg
Table 3
Lysine methionine cystine threonine isoleucine leucine arginine valine histidine tyrosine aromatic amino acids tryptophan
0.63 0.29 0.33 0.68 0.62 0.29 0.77 0.93 0.56 0.5 0.7 0.14

From the 3 tables above, we can tell that spray corn protein has more dietary minerals than corn. And it is very rich in iron, which is 8 times of corn. Beside, it also has more amino acid than corn. So as good source of protein, our spray corn protein is used widely for livestock and poultry feeds.

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