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Corn Gluten Powder

Corn gluten power is a byproduct of the corn milling process. It has been used for years as a supplement in feed. Corn gluten meal products offer a non-toxic, yet effective alternative to traditional, chemical-based feed products. Our corn gluten power is used as an inexpensive protein source for livestock and poultry feeds. It is also used for pet foods. Balanced with other proteins for lysine, it is an especially good source of the amino acid cysteine.

The corn protein powder is produce from corn, by a series of process like taking of embryo,, crushing, removing slag, concentration and drying. Because of its high protein content, it is also widely used in recent years as carrier of feed premix. Rich in amino acids, vitamins and trace elements, corn protein powder is fine additive of animal husbandry and feed industry.

Our corn gluten has at least 60% protein, less than 3.5% ash and no more than 10% water. It contains slightly more TDN than corn. The protein in corn gluten is degraded relatively slowly in the rumen. With color of golden yellow or yellowish-brown, it exits as power or granular solid.

Our corn protein powder contents lutein of 90-180 mg/kg, which is 5 times of yellow corn. It also contains linoleic acid, which can promote the fat metabolism of chicken, and the polymerization of essential amino acid. The data shows that, fed with corn gluten power, a higher laying rate of 15% is achieved. Cartilage and other diseases of chicken are prevented. Besides, the power also promotes growth and helps to improve the egg protein quality.

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