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Vitamins have been made widely available as inexpensive semisynthetic and synthetic-source multivitamin dietary and food supplements and additives. We provide a series of vitamins with best quality and price. Our products are used in many fields such as fodder, food medicine and so on.

A vitamin is an organic compound required as a vital nutrient in tiny amounts by an organism. It cannot be synthesized in sufficient quantities by an organism, and must be obtained from the diet. Thirteen vitamins are universally recognized at present. Vitamins are classified by their biological and chemical activity, not their structure. Thus, each vitamin refers to a number of vitamer compounds that all show the biological activity associated with a particular vitamin. Such a set of chemicals is grouped under an alphabetized vitamin generic descriptor title, such as vitamin A, which includes the compounds retinal, retinol, and four known carotenoids.

Vitamins have diverse biochemical functions. Some have hormone-like functions as regulators of mineral metabolism (e.g., vitamin D), or regulators of cell and tissue growth and differentiation (e.g., some forms of vitamin A). Others function as antioxidants (e.g., vitamin E and sometimes vitamin C). The largest number of vitamins, or say B complex vitamins, function as precursors for enzyme cofactors, that help enzymes in their work as catalysts in metabolism. In this role, vitamins may be tightly bound to enzymes as part of prosthetic groups.

Related Names
Auxohormome | Nutramine | Citrin | Nutramin

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