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Vitamin AD3

We provide vitamin AD3 for fodder use. It contains 2,000,000 International Unit vitamin A and 1,000,000 IU vitamin D3. It could be applied to many animals, the recommended dosage is 500 grams for 500 kg or 1000kg fodder.

Actually, vitamin AD3 is known as essential ingredient of cod-liver oil. As a supplemental source of vitamins A and D3, vitamin AD3 could be used in treatment of many diseases such as night blindness, keratomalacia, rickets and chondropathy. It could prevent and cure deforming bones, dry eyes and other diseases for caged chicken. In addition, it could promote the growth of animals, enhance the immune ability and ensure the vision function.

Our feed grade vitamin AD3 has excellent liquidity, so it is encapsulated in uniform sphere package. Thus ensures the homogeneous distribution of the both vitamin. The vitamin AD3 should be stored in cool, dry and dark place within original package. Please use it in 18 months.

Our company is located in Cangzhou of China, near Tianjin Port, which ensures convenient transportation by sea, land and air as well. We also acquire raw material from local suppliers, which saves quite a lot of transportation cost. So we could provide quality vitamin AD3 at competitive prices.

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VAD3 | Dehydroretinol | Dephydroretinol | Vit AD3

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